Community Guidelines

Respect. Each. Other.

Word of Mouth is home to a talented community of artists from all over the world, and it's our mission to make sure their projects are successful so they can make a creative living. This site is to encourage community members to elevate each other. These community guidelines are ground rules for what is and what is not allowed when using this site. 

We hope you'll join us and making sure these rules are kept. We want a home of artists we can be proud of because, without art and those who make the art, the world would just be boring. 

Integrity & Authenticity

We want a community marketplace with original artwork, great ideas, and freedom of thought and ideas. We want this site to be a destination to all artists and a place where they can develop their goals into a money-making project. 

Ownership of Rights

You retain all rights to the content you publish on this site. You are simply giving us permission to share with our network your projects. We will take your projects forward and help you develop your audience for those projects. We are your biggest fans and simply want you to succeed. 

Copyright & Intellectual Property 

If you see something say something. Report a concern here

Word of Mouth celebrates original projects. Anything that infringes on another's intellectual property rights is not allowed. We reserve the right to remove any user or project at any time, that breaches our Terms of Service, breaks the law, or negatively impacts the overall well being and health of our community. We do not want to be badasses, but we must have a place where we all respect each other and their projects. 


Copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects the original projects in a tangible medium. Both published and unpublished. Simply, copyright protects you, the individual, and your projects of expression. 


Trademark law governs the use of words, phrases, logos, symbols or a combination of these elements that distinguishes the goods of one party from another. This prevents individuals from using distinctive or recognizable marks, symbols or logos in their own designs. (e.g. the Nike swoosh symbol.)

Publicity Rights/Celebrity Likeness

Publicity right means everyone has the right to allow or not allow their name, image, or likeness to be used for commercial purposes. We will not allow the sale of artwork that uses someone's likeness without their prior written permission. This covers all projects featuring a celebrity or celebrity's likeness. 

Prohibited Content

If you see something say something. Report a concern here

Word of Mouth is an open forum and we do not believe in censorship here. There are exceptions though and the following are projects not allowed on this site. You are not permitted to post projects, titles, tags, descriptions, or other content that is: 



Sexually violent 

Child exploitation 




Religiously offensive

Illegal activity 


In instances where a project features subject matter that may not be suitable for some audiences, during the upload process, artists can and should mark this content as mature if it could be considered inappropriate. But it is allowed on this site, and mature content that is not flagged appropriately may be subject to removal. 

If you come across a project that needs review, report a concern here

Site Etiquette 

Most importantly, Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect each other and their freedom of expression. Also, this is site for those with a project to promote only. When you sign up, please let us know what you are promoting. Thank you. 

Age Requirement

To set up a Word of Mouth profile account, you must be 16 years old. 

Account Information and Multiple Accounts

Please provide accurate, complete, and updated information. Multiple accounts are permitted if you need to delineate between mediums such as a writing project versus a musical project. Multiple accounts are not permitted to gain an unfair advantage over other community members. 


Freedom of self-expression is most important to us at Word of Mouth. Harassment will not be tolerated and can be but is not limited to the following:

Making negative, abusive and/or threatening comments

Impersonating other people online by sending an inflammatory, controversial or enticing message which causes discomfort and forces response negatively to the victim


Spamming other community members with unsolicited or offensive content  

If you feel you have been harassed or know others who have been, please contact us to report your concern. 

Unsolicited Self-Promotion (also known as Spam)

Users of this site can self-promote in their own parts of the site but please do not self promote outside these areas. For example, members should not self-promote in the comments under another member's work. Please let us know if you see others breaking this rule. 

Reporting A Concern

Word of Mouth is an open community and platform that celebrates diversity, freedom of expression at all levels of creativity and from all around the world. If you see content or behavior that you feel is unacceptable, pleasecontact us.  

Welcome to Our Community of People.