1. Empty Streets 04:53
  2. Adrianna 00:51
  3. Gutkind's Dream 00:33
  4. Acting for Liberation, Pt.1 10:53
  5. Law of the Universe 00:36
  6. Can You See What I'm Trying to Say 03:43
  7. Acting for Liberation, Pt.2 01:26
  8. Persia & Cornelius 03:26
  9. The Glory 04:43
  10. Soul Fire 03:08
  11. Twelve Wire Byrd 00:59
  12. Only in a Dream 07:42

Can You See What I’m Trying to Say by Vibration Black Finger

  • Lascelle ‘Lascelles’ Gordon - the driving force behind Vibration Black Finger – astonishes us yet again with a magnificent second album. Once more his inspiration is drawn from the obscure spiritual jazz collectives of the 1970s where he employs a vast array of like-minded collaborators to create a listening experience infused with an ever-present undercurrent of personal expression and cultural empowerment that’s as enriched with ideas as it is progressive in its form. 

    Having earned his chops as founding member of the Brand New Heavies, Campag Velocet and Heliocentric World, Lascelle’s latest album Can You See What I’m Trying to Say bursts with energy and vivid contrasts, flowing effortlessly between beat-laden grooves, oscillating improvisations, soulful recitations, audio verité and moody atmospherics. The album drops like a post-hip-hop reimagining of foundational genres, with a prayer to the future. 

    ‘’Can You See What I’m Trying to Say’ is a quote from Marion Brown, the great alto saxophonist’ explains Gordon. ‘The album was put together over the last three years, not in the conventional way of going into the recording studio with musicians, but starting from ideas I had on various formats (cassettes, mini disc, DATs & reel...  more


    released June 19, 2020


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