Draw Me A Silence Part. I by Azu Tiwaline

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  • Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline delivers her debut single entitled ‘Itrik’ in I.O.T Records in the lead up to her ‘Draw Me A Silence’ album later in 2020. 

    Azu Tiwaline ‘Itrik’ drops on I.O.T Records on 14th February 2020. 

    Draw Me A Silence Part. I – 13th March 2020 
    Draw Me A Silence Part. II – 29th May 2020 

    Draw Me A Silence Album (Part. I + Part. II // 2LP Vinyl) 
    Physical Pre-Order - 13th March 2020 
    Vinyl Release - 29th May 2020 


    Azu Tiwaline is a new name for a new spirit: one of a producer inspired by the need to explore her origins, rooted in the Tunisian Sahara. The Call to a different sound, organic and raw, vibrating in the great spaces of the African desert where trance music resonates... Ecstatic ritual. 


    Her first album, Draw Me A Silence, conceived as a diptych, reveals the multiple facets of her identity. Uniting the bonds that connect Berber music, dub culture and techno hypnosis, Azu Tiwaline invites us to refocus on our senses and our nature. She knows how to use contrasts between light and the invisible, exploring the...  more


    released March 13, 2020


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