For Belarus by For Belarus

  • The events currently unfolding in Belarus are terrifying and, perhaps, miraculous. 

    Terrifying because the illegitimate president Aleksandr Lukashenko, known as “Europe’s last dictator”, is waging a war against his citizens in plain sight - his forces are beating, torturing, and killing peaceful protesters who are fighting for their right to honest, transparent elections. Thousands of people were arrested and many of them are still missing. 

    Miraculous because the largest act of solidarity in Belarusian history is being conducted without coordination, leadership, or even an internet connection on the first days after elections. Kilometer-long chains of women in white with flowers are blocking security forces from continuing their violent suppression of entirely peaceful protestors. Factory workers on strike are having their lost wages supplemented by charitable contributions. And everywhere a spirit of joy, pride, and hope permeates this movement, despite the overwhelming repression and force with which they have been met. 

    While Belarusians have real hope for a victory of the righteous, they need your support, your help, and your awareness. 

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    released August 20, 2020 

    artwork by Karolis Strautniekas


    all rights reserved