Le Cœur by Dandelion Wine

  • The official digital release of "Le Cœur" - first Dandelion Wine release to feature the current lineup including cellist Francesca Mountfort. 

    This album was previously only available as a limited edition CD, released by Dangus (Lithuania) and only available in the Baltic States and at two festivals in Germany. Note: limited edition featured a slightly different track list and did not include "Persistence Of Vision"


    released July 24, 2020 

    ©2020 Dandelion Wine 

    Produced, engineered and mixed by Nicholas Albanis 
    Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering 

    Naomi Henderson: vocals, sansula, flute, recorder, beats 
    Nicholas Albanis: guitars, lute, Appalachian dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bell cittern, electronics, beats percussion 
    Francesca Mountfort: cello 

    with guests: 
    Rüidger Maul (Faun, DE): doira, riq & darabukkah on "Hall Of Leaves" 
    Denni Meredith (Brillig, AU): bass guitar on "Unlikely Impossible" 
    Hakgwai Lau (Hong Kong): Erhu on "One Of My Friendly Days" 
    Phil Coyle (AU): Tar on "Pilgrimage" 
    Pete McKeown (AU): Bass and Fender VI on "Persistence Of Vision" 

    All songs Albanis/Henderson/Mountfort except: 
    "Hall Of Leaves" & "One Of My Friendly Says" (Albanis/Henderson) 
    "Unlikely Impossible" (Albanis/Henderson/Meredith) 
    "Persistence Of Vision" (Boehm/Allen/Urquhart/Lieberth)


    all rights reserved