Macumba by Dotorado Pro

  • Few producers have been able to cement their musical legacy before being legally allowed to drive. Lisbon’s own afro-house prodigy Dotorado Pro is among these few, having redefined the sound of the scene with the anthem ‘African Scream’, followed by the seminal ‘Rei das Marimbas’ EP. Now, the young producer further confirms his place at the top of the global club food chain with the new ‘Macumba’ EP. 

    The word Macumba can be used to describe an African percussive instrument, as well as the myriad Afro-Brazilian religions combining ancient spiritual beliefs brought over by African slaves and native American religious practices. This makes it a more than fitting title for Dotorado Pro’s latest release, a collection of mesmerizing afro-house cuts whose entrancing loops channel the rhythmic cadence of his previous work that made his his sound resonate across the global club scene. 

    All five tracks offer distinct takes on fast-paced afro-house drum patterns, overlapped with hypnotic looping marimba and synth melodies, with pulsating bass lines tailor-made to energize dance floors. From title-track ‘Macumba’ and ‘Fusion’s relentlessly looping melodies, ‘Faraó’s uplifting synths, ‘Marimbadas’ hypnotizing marimba patterns (he is the self-proclaimed King of Marimbas...  more


    released April 26, 2019 

    All music written and produced by Dotorado Pro 
    Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering