1. The Beauty Of It Interlude (Produced by MOTIF ALUMNI) 01:18
  2. No featuring FLEE LORD & GRAFH (Produced by ILLIEN ROSEWELL)03:33
  3. Nothin Like You featuring NYTICKA HEMINGWAY (Produced by BACKPACK BEATZ) 03:07
  4. The Pot (Produced by ALCHEMIST)02:20
  5. Guilty Interlude (Produced by DARINGER) 01:11
  6. Rusty Stainless featuring WILLIE THE KID & ROME STREETZ (Produced by STATIK SELEKTAH) 02:51
  7. Growing Pains (Produced by ASETHIC)02:40
  8. Beloved (Produced by MARCO POLO)02:51
  9. Metal Lords featuring VINNIE PAZ, GORETEX & ILL BILL (Produced by ILLIEN ROSWEWELL) 04:26
  10. Innocence Interlude (Produced by V DON) 01:06
  11. Lawless featuring SHA HEF (Produced by V DON) 02:46
  12. Anybody (Produced by KELZ) 02:00
  13. No Reply by JAI BLACK featuring ETO (Produced by ETO) 03:34
  14. Pissing In Bottles (Produced by GREEN LANTERN) 03:17
  15. Purpose Interlude (Produced by WINDSOR JAMES) 01:42
  16. Back To The BBQ [Snippet] featuring WATTS (Produced by LARGE PRO)01:40

The Beauty Of It by ETO