The Bell by iamthemorning

  • The Bell was inspired by 19th century song cycles, a genre established by Schubert, and themes from Victorian England art and culture. It is divided into two parts, but each song is a story in its own right, all of them are fuelled by human cruelty and pain caused by it. Cruelty and different ways that we cope with it and suffer from it is the central theme of the album. This album is multi-layered and is, in many ways, a journey inwards, taking us inside of a mind of a person suffering from abuse or neglect or open hostility of the society or a specific person. 
    And even though aesthetically the album is based on themes taken from Victorian England’s art and culture, it is mainly a way to look at ourselves and modern society and realise that at its core, humankind isn’t making much progress in terms of emotional maturity.


    released August 2, 2019 

    The Bell 

    Marjana Semkina – vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar (3) 
    Gleb Kolyadin – grand piano, keyboards 


    Vlad Avy – acoustic guitar, electric guitar 
    Zoltan Renaldi – bass, double bass (1, 2, 6, 9) 
    Svetlana Shumkova – drums (1, 5, 9) 
    Evan Carson – drums, percussion (2, 6, 9) 
    Andres Izmaylov – harp (1, 6, 9) 
    Grigory Osipov – marimba (2, 9) 
    Dmitry Tsepilov – saxophone (1, 2) 
    Ilya Leontyev – trumpet (9) 
    Mr Konin - bells, accordeon, clapping 

    Strings Ensemble: 
    St.Petersburg Orchestra "1703" 
    (Санкт-Петербургский Оркестр 1703): 

    1st Violins: 
    IIia Dyakov 
    Ekaterina German 
    Ekaterina Chernyaeva 
    Anastasia Litvinova 

    2nd Violins: 
    Anita Azhashkouskaya 
    Dmitry Kolyasnikov 
    Anna Melnikova 
    Yulia Kashshapova 

    Nadezhda Savina 
    Dmitry Gonchar 
    Semyon Samsonov 

    Darya Popova 
    Ilya Izmaylov 

    Vocals recorded by Gianluca Capacchione at Noatune Studios, London 

    Grand piano recorded by Sergey Kruglov at MosFilm Studios, Moscow

    Guitars recorded by Vlad Avy 

    Bass and Double Bass recorded by Zoltan Renaldi 

    Drums (1, 5, 9) recorded by Vlad Avy and Darren McGill at Union Sound Company, Toronto 

    Drums and Percussion (2, 6, 9) recorded by Pete Ord at The Studio at Sunbeams, Penrith 

    Strings recorded by Fedor Naumov at LenDoc Studios, St.Petersburg 

    Harp recorded by Andres Izmaylov 

    Marimba, saxophone and trumpet recorded by Sergey Ryltsev at RedWave Studios, St.Petersburg 

    Mixing and mastering by Vlad Avy 

    Artwork by Constantine Nagishkin 
    Design and layout by Xenoyr 

    All tracks composed by iamthemorning 
    Produced by Vlad Avy, Gleb Kolyadin & Marjana Semkina 

    Special thanks to Johnny Wilks, Tony Harris, Scott “Ckott” Robinson and everyone at Kscope; Rob Palmen and Glassville Music. 

    Marjana thanks Marc C. for his support; Brock family and every single person supporting me on Patreon. 

    Gleb thanks his teacher Vladimir Viktorovich Polyakov, Universe and the powers of divine deadline.


    some rights reserved