1. Bar Brawl ft. Jamal Gasol 03:52
  2. Angel Madness ft. Wiildcat 04:19
  3. Full Metal Kleptos - ft. Killy Shoot 04:13
  4. Swear to Sosa - ft. Frank Docket 04:01
  5. Stepped On Twice - ft. Deuce Hennessy 03:09
  6. Sarcastic As Fuk 03:00
  7. All Of That - ft. Fastlife 02:58
  8. NuGound - ft. Whatamess 04:08
  9. Coke Beams - ft. Ambishouz 03:42
  10. Vega Arms - ft. Bub Rock 04:28
  11. U Ignorant (Bonus Track) 02:30

The Diaz Brothers by Cocareef

  • This Album is a collaboration between Quarterback of the Culture Cocareef & Producer Onaje Jordan featuring some of today's Hottest up and coming Artist in the Underground along with future legends .The All-Star crew consist of Jamal Gasol ,Killy Shoot ,Deuce Hennessy ,Fastlife , Bub Rock ,Whatamess ,Frank Doket ,and Wiildcat .All beats are Produced by Onaje Jordan except for the bonus track "U Ignorant" 

    All sales final ,no refunds or exchanges.


    released December 5, 2018 

    All Songs Written by:Cocareef 
    All beats by:Onaje Jordan *except "U Ignorant " 
    Mixed by:Cocaref 
    Executive Producer:Cocareef 
    Recorded at BlakHouz Rekordingz 
    7th Angel Productionz 
    Cocareef Records


    all rights reserved