1. Ziarre 03:10
  2. Oumoyiilo 04:02
  3. Patrimoine 01:19
  4. Jaanfa 04:29
  5. Taara 04:31
  6. Dioubalo Village Wandekadde 05:06
  7. Ey Diomaame 00:52
  8. Duna 03:58
  9. Yela 00:41
  10. Diaraby 04:29
  11. Po-Dou-Ga 02:22
  12. Almamy 02:16
  13. Lewlewal 04:46

Yiilo Jaam by Lewlewal de Podor

  • Hailing from northern Senegal, "Lewlewal de Podor" is a Pulaar guitar-centric band that draws from the folk stylings of Fouta Toro. Featured on last year's compilation Ishilan n-Tenere, their first ever full length ranges from mellow acoustic jam sessions to electrified hip shaking concerts. 


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    released December 5, 2011 

    Demba Doka Barry (vocals) 
    Tidiane Thiam (guitar solo) 
    Baye Aly Ndiongue (guitar accompaniment) 
    Papa Diouf (djembe) 
    Amadou Binta Konté (hoddu) 
    Penda Diack (vocals) 

    Recorded by Christopher Kirkley 
    Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic 
    Cover art by Thiam Bellou 
    Studio Photograph by Oumar Ly at Thioffy Studio 
    Sahelsounds / Mississippi Little Axe


    all rights reserved